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Osiyo Metals llc, was founded in 2011 by Stuart Gibbs.  Prior to Osiyo Metals, Gibbs owned multiple fabrication shops. International Fabricators, Ornamental Erectors, Southwest Ornamental, Zepher Southwest Ornamental and the craftsmanship award winning, Cherokee Architectural Metals. In 2016, Stuart decided it was time to pass the torch, and retire. 


Osiyo Metals was purchased by Sid and Debbie Ziegler in October 2016.  Upon purchase the name was changed to Osiyo Metal Fabricators, LLC.  Their sons, Chad and Chris, took over important duties within the company.  Chad became the new Operations Manager and Chris filled the position of Estimating Manager.  Sid and Debbie retained all of the employees, many of which had been with the company since 2011.


Sid and Debbie are no strangers to the Fabrication Industry.  They have owned and operated Genesis Metal Corp (GMC) for 17 years and counting. In 2006, H&H Stud Weld Corp was purchased and became a subsidiary of GMC. H&H operates as a distributor of Refractory Anchors, Weld Studs, Insulation Fasteners, Headed Concrete Anchors and Stud Welding Equipment. H&H also has a rental fleet of Arc Stud Welders and Capacitor Discharge Welders.  


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